Keywords affecting the PPC Campaign

Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign’s keywords

The keywords were my most valuable asset for search marketing. Do you know how to feel sure about the keywords taxonomy, for traditional PPC tools, like what the best search engine tool provides?

It goes beyond hypothesis when it comes to the effectiveness of keyword research. You need to know your customer, learn what they are searching for. Then in order to make a good managed PPC campaign all that information needs to be turned into a strategically organized keywords groups and ad groups.

Online tools can help with keyword research

But, for easier research you can find online keywords research tools with which you will no longer have to analyze yourself. This helped me make better research and I got the right keywords for my PPC campaign. I got high traffic and with it a lot more customers.

As a result, I knew that I had:

- Picked the best and most effective keywords according to my time and money;
- I enjoyed when the traffic was higher and for the right people;
- My quality score was going up, and it still improving my PPC management campaign performance.

Using the right strategy for PPC Campaign

When managing a good strategy for PPC campaigns there are some useful parts that most of you are missing to use. Before I made my PC campaign I found interesting information for getting a better PPC advertising. There are two parts of the strategy I used which brought me more visitors and customers on my website.

Use negative keywords

Most of you probably have missed to use negative keywords, but using them you will be specifying where your ad should not appear. Here is an example, in “show ideas” and “wedding shower ideas”, the words “wedding”, “shower” and “gift” should be placed as negative keywords in order to eliminate irrelevant advertising placements.

Target ad campaigns

You should be precise when targeting a PPC management campaign. Work with the features in the PPC accounts to specify who sees the ads, it will increase the efficiency.

Specify multiple countries. Set up an advertisement group for each country that you plan to advertise. If not, then limit the ad just for the country you want. Another thing is to use Micro-geographic focus. If your keyword is, for example, “Chinese restaurants in Italy” use the geographic targeting features in your ad account to pick the zip codes for the areas your business can deliver.

Managing the Quality of the PPC Campaign

Quality or quantity

When doing a simple project, what will make it better, quality or quantity? It doesn’t matter how much information you have on that project when the information is not useful and, informative and if it doesn’t make sense. But little information with a good quality can make the project shine. Same goes for managing PPC campaign, quality is more important than quantity.

What will the quality of the traffic give?

For the traffic the quality means when the traffic is well targeted. When the quality is there then the visitors:

- Are looking for what you are advertising;
- Enter the site to see what you offer;
- Become a lead or complete a transaction;
- Coming from regions that you need;
- Return to on your website again.

Quality traffic will bring you more success when it comes to the visitors for completing a transaction, or at least subscribe to the service you give. The analyze of conversion rate will give you a way to determine which traffic sources are turning the people that are visiting your website into leads and sales. Higher the quality of the traffic will bring higher conversion rate. Hire a PPC management company to ensure you’re getting the highest quality of traffic possible.

Tracking Service is a Great Way to Manage PPC Campaign

Tracking Service

PPC Campaign management can be a real challenge, but I managed a great PPC campaign by using tracking service. Here is how the tracking service made my managing easier:

First of all check if the clicks are effective and adjust them if they are not:

- See which keywords bring more visitors;
- See which advertising copy is the most effective;
- Know which source and/or search engine gives the best results;
- Determine the conversion rate and set your goals.

If you have decided to work with a manager or a PPC management company then make sure you get what you have paid for:

- Source of traffic;
- How long do the visitors stay on the site and which pages are most visited? Note that the average number of views per page may differ from one search engine to another.

It is very important to actively manage your campaigns, you need to update the keywords, vendors and bids as frequently as possible, actually how much your budget allows you to.

The tracking system can tell you about the quality of the traffic

Your server can be overloaded if the quality of the traffic is low, it will frustrate you and it can spike your traffic. Overall, it will create false expectations. Using the PPC management tracking system you will know if and why your traffic has low quality.

Is the traffic coming from a country that is not on your market? For example, people living in Japan won’t be interested to buy real estate in Canada.

When the visitors lands on the website’s homepage how long are they staying on it and have they clicked any further? The duration of the visit is a very important statistic; it will tell you, are the people interested in your website.

Managing a PPC Campaign

Every new start is difficult, because the very first things you do will mark your business and other plans. So, when starting a PPC campaign you need to know how to manage it in order to positive results for your website or business. How I started my PPC campaign? – With a good strategy and smooth management.

I started with running few PPC accounts and I ran my campaigns for some time and I compared the results. Here is the standard setup when opening a PPC account:

- Create an account and deposit funds;
- Receive confirmation that your account has been activated;
- Choose your keywords and text;
- Watch the traffic to make your choice of text and words;
- Adjust the bids and/or budget accordingly.

The PPC campaigns mostly allow to bid on your own position. So, with this you are allowed to bid on the highest position in the listings that are sponsored. Bidding I actually very competitive, there are advertisers that are paying even over $5 for a click. It is part of the larger picture of the management strategy to consider the price as a cost-per-customer.

Satisfied your Customers

Make sure that the visitors will be satisfied when they land on your website, ensure that you have provided what they are looking for. What they need is the clear path of guides to complete an action that you want them to do, like:

- Completing a transaction;
- Placing an order;
- Making a reservation;
- Signing up for a newsletter;
- Becoming a lead.

There are Studies that show when visitor purchase on the site they he is becoming a customer who will probably return again. With this a high acquisition cost is justified when ROI is involved.

You probably think that creating and managing a PPC advertising campaign is very difficult, I thought that too but it is not. With a good research you will be able to make your own campaign and with it you will affect the targeted audience. If you get in some part stuck, there are always people willing to help all over the internet, just ask questions and you will get your answer in no time.

Pay-per-click advertising

PPC or pay-per-click advertising and campaigns are now the on tom most important way to advertise on the internet and on the largest search engines. When you are starting a website or business, you will definitely need a pay-per-click advertising.

Why PPC campaign is good for all new on the internet? It lets you see exactly who visits your website. You will be only paying when a person clicks on a link, banner or on a search engine result and lands on your website. If the person don’t click on the link and just see it, then that is called an impression. The number of promotional units is the impression and this is not paid. Also, there is a price on the impression which is charged per thousand. It all depends on your targeted audience and product.

Using a tracking system for analysis is great; it will tell you what are the visitors doing on your website, but only if they go to the website with the ads. This is a best way to get information for managing your advertising and to determine the most successful way to:

- Create an action that generates revenue;
- Obtain quality traffic;
- Convert visitors into customers.

So, using an SEO will help get better results with pay-per-click advertising. The right SEO will give you a boost to get faster in the first place.